RADO can certainly be described as a non-conformist watch brand that likes to play by its own rules, innovating the industry over and over again. LEARN MORE

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RADO – Distinctly different

RADO is a well-established non-conformist who never ceases to amaze the watch industry once again.

RADO’s unconventional material ideas for the manufacture of watches regularly cause a stir in the industry. Looking for a material which would offer scratch-resistance without compromising comfort and adapt promptly to the temperature of the skin, the company introduced high tech ceramics to the watch world.

Equally, the RADO design has its distinct character. True to the motto “less is more”, the Swiss watch manufacturer reduces watches to the essential, although models with the suffix Jubilé occasionally show some gold and diamonds.

Since the Diastar caused the industry to take notice of the newcomer in 1962, RADO has consistently delivered surprising and exceptional timepieces, such as the rectangular avant-garde cases the Ceramica – Sintra – and Integral collections as well as classic round model series such as the True Thinline, Coupole or Hyperchrome.

High-tech performance

…is what makes the RADO brand so extraordinary. In 1917 the brothers Schlup founded the watch movement manufacture Schlup & Co. in Lengnau. The company only produced base movements for other watch companies, until they originated the subsidiary RADO Watch Co. Ltd. in 1937. Towards the end of the 50’s, the company started to produce only watches of the RADO brand. In 1962, RADO launched the world’s first scratchproof watch, the RADO DiaStar.

In 1968, the company joined the ASUAG (Die Allgemeine Schweizer Uhrenindustrie AG) and opened its present headquarter in 1975 in Lengnau. RADO continuously conducts research in the field of new materials and techniques of watchmaking and therefore ranks amongst the most innovative manufacturers.

Rado Collections


In 2012 RADO introduced the dynamic yet elegant HyperChrome collection, which is inspired by vintage editions. With its wide range of models, the modern collection caters to every taste. For the most part, the watches consist of two chief materials: stainless steel and high-tech ceramics. The driving force of the collection is the HyperChrome automatic chronograph.



The DiaMaster collection is another reinterpretation of a series of successful vintage watches by RADO. The look is very unpretentious and classic. Traditional design characteristics and superb legibility of the dials are the priorities here. The line features automatic and quartz movements, an overly-proportioned men’s chronograph and a variety of Diamond watches.



The Ceramica collection showcases the famed RADO expertise in material development. The assortment is branded exclusively by one single material: the high-tech ceramics. The watches have rectangular, scratch-proof cases and are equipped with high-quality Swiss movements. This collection is designed for women and makes use of diamond adorned dials and reduced diameter case sizes.



This collection offers classic, round ceramic cases and keeps the design of the dials modern and minimalist. You will find only three-hand watches in the selection, underlining the emphasis on the exclusiveness of the material. The top model of the line is a mechanical, automatic winding watch with ceramic housing and a skeletonized mother of pearl dial.


True Thinline

The True Thinline is the flattest ceramic watch that RADO has produced to date. The case made entirely of ceramic measures a mere 4.9 mm in height. Launched in 2011, it is one of the thinnest wristwatches in the world to this day. The quartz movement measures only 1 mm in height. Nevertheless, the watches are not fragile in any regard, as they share the core asset of all RADO watches: scratch resistance.



In the Centrix collection, RADO focused on the design of the dials. Many models have a skeleton dial through which the owner can admire the mechanical movement. Automatic calibers are presented to the same extent as quartz ones as is typical for RADO. A distinctive feature of Centrix watches is the mix of stainless steel and ceramics, which is also used in the bracelets. Like every RADO collection, the range is unisex with men’s and women’s models.


So why should you choose a RADO?

Because you can count on their Swiss quality, tradition and timelessness as well as the cool modern design. RADO watches are an affordable luxury and piece of jewelry, without undue exaggeration. The high-tech ceramic stands out and remains of unique value, extravagant and sturdy at the same time; a RADO luxury watch is elegant, useful and durable.

Rado: A Chronology

1917: The founding year of Schlup & Co. in Lengnau, producer of customizable movements for the watch industry.

1937: The company establishes the RADO Watch Co Ltd. as a subsidiary and starts to manufacture timepieces under the name RADO. However, the company continues to build watches under other brand names.

1958: Production becomes exclusive to watches under the name RADO.

1962: Launch of the DiaStar: The first scratchproof watch and regarded as the hardest watch in the world.

1968: The company joins the ASUAG (Die Allgemeine Schweizer Uhrenindustrie AG).

1975: Inauguration of the RADO headquarter in Lengnau.

1992: Triple anniversary for RADO: 75 years since the founding of its origins, 35 years brand RADO, 30 years RADO DiaStar.

2020: Rado presents its 2020 novelties on Youtube.

RADO Aficionados

RADO partners with celebrities such as actors, models and athletes. Among their numerous noteworthy followers, you will find Chinese actress Tang Wei, Bollywood star Hrithik Roshan, and Lisa Ray, an international model. RADO enjoys a global network of fans in sports, film and the arts and often acts as a sponsor of charity events.