Changing a watch strap (Video)

By Montredo in Watch 101
May 14, 2019
Changing a watch strap (Video)


Changing a watch strap

Different watch straps are a great way to change the appearance of your watch. Not only can you change your watch straps in accordance to your outfit and other leather components like belts and shoes but very often they give a watch an entirely different look.

What you need:

In order to change a watch strap, you need a spring bar cutlery and a replacement strap with the correct lug width. A quality spring bar cutlery retails for around 20, – EUR. Since the quality of spring bar cutleries varies significantly, and given the generally high value of a mechanical watch, we recommend a quality spring bar tool. For cheap cutleries, the bracket is generally less defined and can often deform after only a few uses. This will not happen with a quality tool like this.

Thanks to their higher precision, we generally prefer using tool bars with a smaller tip.

So how can you change your watch strap?

Hamilton Jazzmaster Chronograph | Ref.: H32596741

When changing your strap, you first have to remove the old strap. Most watches with standard lugs use a bar that has a spring on the inside that hold the watch and the strap together. In order to remove the old strap, securely hold your watch in your left hand, if you are right handed and in your right hand if you are left handed. It is important to have a good and secure grip on the watch. Also, we recommend that the watch’s case back faces you and not the glass side. This way, you don’t risk scratching the front side of the watch when removing the strap.

Now hold your spring bar tool like a pencil and carefully position it between the strap and the lug of the watch. Take care that you safely hold the watch and the spring bar tool at any moment so that you don’t run risk of scratching the watch. As you can see on the spring bar there is a spot where you can easily tense the spring. Once you got touch at this exact spot you will feel a smooth resistance when you pull the tool away from the lug. Very often someone loses their grip when they try to detach the strap in an almost too hesitant and anxious manner. Therefore, don’t hesitate to properly press on the lug when moving the bar once you have found the right spot. If you have shifted the tool bar far enough you will be able to detach the strap from your watch. Now you can easily remove the spring bar from the strap.

If you want to use the old buckle for the replacement strap, use the tip of the spring bar and slowly push it into the hole on the outside of the buckle belt. At a certain point you will be able to remove the buckle. As for the new buckle, first push the stick in half way so that you can put in the thorn and then push it in all the way through before using the spring bar tool to safely connect it with the buckle belt.

When you attach the new strap, make sure that the smaller part, including the buckle, will be attached on the upper side, and the longer part to the lower side of the watch. First, fit the strap in between the lugs so that a small part of the bar sticks out on both ends. Then, insert one tip of the spring bar into the hole on the inner side of the lug. Make sure that the front side of the strap is on the same side as the front of the watch.

After you have inserted one end of the small tip, make sure you will get a secure hold again, and safely press on the other tip of the spring bar and push it between the lugs. Now carefully move the tip inside the lug until you can feel it snap into place. Now follow the exact same steps with the other part of your watch strap, and you will have added a new look to your watch.

Hamilton Jazzmaster Chronograph

Manufacturer: Hamilton

Movement: Automatic

Calibre: H-21

Reference: H32596741

Case diameter: 42 mm

Case material: Stainless steel

Glass: Sapphire glass