Circula: Family Passion for Watchmaking

By Montredo in Lifestyle
November 5, 2021
Circula: Family Passion for Watchmaking

In the heart of southern Germany exists a special jewel in the crown of the watchmaker’s art: Circula. Discover the brand and its great collections here.

A Passion for Watches Passed Down from Generation to Generation

The history of the Circula watch brand began with the Huber family in Pforzheim in 1955. From the middle to the end of the 20th century, the company developed a variety of watch models: Wristwatches, chronographs and diving watches. In the so-called quartz crisis of the seventies, mechanical watches were pushed out of the market in favor of the cheaper quartz watches and therefore Circula also moved more into the background as a result. However, smaller companies often turn out to be stronger than they are given credit for, and in this case, family tradition has played an important role in the company’s development. Thanks to a Kickstarter campaign by the founder’s grandson, Cornelius Huber, the label was able to launch the brand’s first retro-inspired model in 2017. Since then, Circula has continuously added new models to its catalog and brought German know-how to the fascinating world of watches.

High-Quality Timepieces Made in Germany

At Circula, the designation “Made in Germany” has great significance. All watches are developed, designed and produced in Germany. More precisely, in the gold town of Pforzheim, where Circula was founded in 1955. Even though some individual components are sourced from abroad, each movement is checked again by the company’s own watchmakers before being installed and, if necessary, fine-tuned. The watches themselves are also built in Germany using traditional craftsmanship. In this way, the brand ensures that its high quality standards are maintained at all times and also supports traditional German watchmaking values.

Mechanical Watches for Every Need

This small watch manufacturer has made local manufacturing its strength. Since the generational change has taken place, it has surprised connoisseurs of the brand and watch lovers in general with new innovative models. Circula’s range includes five collections that can delight potential buyers in more ways than one. Retro Quartz, Classic, AquaSport, AquaSport II and SuperSport offer a wide range of watches for every need.

Retro Quartz

The Retro Quartz series in detail

This line combines the minimalist vintage design of the 50s with the modern style of today, allowing for an elegant, but yet casual, appearance. With clean lines, a domed dial, double-curved mineral crystal and trendy colors, these watches are stylish and timeless companions for any occasion.


The Classic series in detail

The minimalist design with a flat stainless steel case and double-domed sapphire crystal make this classic watch a stylish choice. The Classic collection has the modern Miyota 9015 automatic movement, which has an excellent reputation among watch connoisseurs. It is carefully checked by the Circula watchmakers in Pforzheim on arrival, finished with the brand logo and finally precisely regulated.


The AquaSport series in detail

The sporty, elegant design with a solid, cushion-shaped case, sapphire glass bezel and clear time display by day and night make the AquaSport a watch for all situations. The modern Swiss automatic movement STP 1-11 is based in its construction on the famous ETA 2824 and has made a name for itself in the watch market with its high precision and reliability.

AquaSport II

The AquaSport II in detail

The AquaSport II is equipped with the well-known Swiss automatic movement Sellita SW200-1, optionally with an extra-hard Glucydur balance and particularly high precision. The dial of the “Meteorite”, limited to 99 pieces, is made entirely of genuine iron meteorite from the “Muonionalusta” meteorite. Each dial also sports an individual crystal structure.


The SuperSport in detail

Independent design with genuine Super Compressor function from the pioneering days of diving watches. The case back of the SuperSport is mounted on bearings and becomes better sealed as the water pressure increases. Made in Germany, this model was developed together with over 4,500 votes cast by the worldwide watch community.

We hope that the German brand Circula and its elegant collections have impressed you as much as they have us at Montredo. Here you can find all models featured on our online store.