Klok 01 and Klok 01 5th Anniversary from Klokers – Have the Time Revealed by a Time Calculation Device

By Montredo in Lifestyle
September 20, 2021
Klok 01 and Klok 01 5th Anniversary from Klokers – Have the Time Revealed by a Time Calculation Device

A few weeks ago we introduced you to a brand that caught our attention for its innovative concept, Klokers. We were fairly fascinated by its original design and the concept of interchangeability that the brand brings forward. It is now time to take a closer look at their flagship model the Klok 01, and its latest successor the Klok 01 5th Anniversary.

The First Impression

The Klok 01 might appear, at first, a bit overwhelming. Lots of numbers and indices on the dial that make it almost hard to tell whether one is looking at a time instrument or more at a professional measuring tool, or even at a mathematical calculation instrument. Truth be told, when first looking at photos, it appeared we were looking at the knob of a mechanical combination lock, one of those one would find on a safe. The reality is that it is indeed a measuring tool, one that incorporates a circular slide rule and that is used to measure time. Quite interesting. Certainly unique.

The Klok 01 in action

A Closer Look at the Dial

After the first enigmatic shock, one figures pretty fast how the mysterious tool works. The dial is made of three coplanar circular discs, all three rotating anti-clockwise: the outmost one marks the hour, the second one, moving from the outside to the inside of the dial, the minutes, and the central one the seconds. 12 o’clock is on most versions (not on the dial of the “minimal” version) clearly highlighted. A line marked on the glass, and stretching from the center to 12 o’clock reveals the time. A magnifying glass along the line helps with that.
Thanks to the dial, the watch looks sophisticated, yet also very utilitarian and balanced. The ecosystem of accessories available makes it a versatile time instrument.

Looking Beyond the Dial

The watch has a 316L steel case with a diameter of 44mm with the crown at H3 and houses a Swiss-Made Ronda quartz movement with an approximate battery life of 16 months.

The “Minimal” Klok 01

A variety of dial colours and strap materials (milanese, nato, and leather) and colours are available, making the timepiece as customizable as possible. Moreover, the patented strap interchangeable system positioned on the backside of the case, and actioned via a button at H8, allows for the watch not only to quickly release and swap straps, but also to become a table clock or a pocket watch. An abundance of accessories version leads to a perfect personalization.

The Klok 01 with its Desk & Pocket support

The newly released Klok 01 5th Anniversary

To celebrate 5 years from the release of the first Klok 01, Klokers have just released a Klok 01 limited edition called 5th Anniversary. Available in 8 different versions, each one limited to 365 numbered and dated units, this edition stands out with its white graphic design of the markers rise up from a brand-new anthracite-coloured dial. The new greyish dial mixes up superbly with the red-highlighted 12 (hours) and 00 (minutes) markers, achieving a rare elegant harmony.

The Klok 01 5th Anniversary

The new aesthetics is completed by an engraving on the side of the case, reporting the number and the elements “5th Anniversary”.

A close up of the engraving on the Klok 01 5th Anniversary

While the numbering of the case is clearly set to mark a milestone for the young watch manufacturer, the new choice of dial and markers colour make the timepiece grow beyond its gender-free status of the Klok 01, and let the new release assume instead more masculine traits. Yet the watch remains versatile and balanced.

The Klok 01 with its Bussetto case

If you are looking for a different wristwatch, literally a new concept, then you should consider a Klokers. All models of Klokers can be found on the Montredo Shop. Get in touch for any request on accessories.