Luminox: The Original Self-Luminous Watches for Adventurers

By Montredo in Lifestyle
January 19, 2022
Luminox: The Original Self-Luminous Watches for Adventurers

Always readable, robust, powerful and precise – the incredible watches from the American brand Luminox offer this and so much more.

A Brand With Two “Nationalities”

It all began when Barry Cohen, an American who had been working in the watch industry for a long time, came across a battery-powered Swiss lighting system. He immediately realised that this system would improve the visibility and readability of watches in situations with little or no light. As a result, Cohen decided to create a watch brand that would use this unique technology. He asked his friend Richard Timbo to assist him in this endeavour, and the two founded the company in 1989. Since its inception, the company has grown impressively and achieved many successes. One reason for their success is that despite being an American company, Luminox opted for “Swiss Made” precision manufacturing by its partner Mondaine Watch Company.

The Unique Luminox Light Technology

Luminox Light Technology makes these watches extremely legible at night – the technology used by Luminox provides 24/7 luminosity, regardless of conditions, for up to 25 years. Most luminous watches use luminous paint that needs to be charged by a light source and fades very quickly. Others use a “push to light” system that requires the user to press a button to activate the battery-powered illumination. Luminox, however, uses its own technology that makes these timepieces stand out. Each product has micro gas lights (borosilicate glass capsules) that always light up, on the hands, the hour markers and, when necessary, on the bezels. Thanks to this unique technology, the watches can be read at a glance under all circumstances. The US Army has long recognised the benefits of micro gas light sources and this is why these incredible timepieces are requested and worn by Navy SEAL teams, SWAT teams and US Air Force pilots.

Luminox: The Original Self-Luminous Watches for Adventure Seekers

The Luminox Light Technology System is applied by hand in every single watch of the brand. With 11 collections spanning a wide variety of styles, the brand aims to show that these timepieces are an excellent choice for any active consumer.

The Navy SEAL Series

First introduced in 1994, the original Luminox Navy SEAL watches are the timepieces that put Luminox on the map. Navy SEALS procurement officer, Chief Nick North, and Luminox worked together to develop these watches specifically for the SEALS. The ultra-lightweight and extreme ruggedness are still the features that make the Original 3000 Series a favourite of the Navy SEALS today.

The Pacific Diver Series

The Pacific Diver 3120 series is a new series in the Luminox SEA Dimension. This appealing leisure watch for outdoor explorers stays true to the brand’s DNA by combining a stainless steel case with a CARBONOXTM bezel, resulting in an eye-catching fusion of materials.

The Automatic Sport Timer 0920 Series

The Luminox Sport Timers are water-resistant to 200 metres and feature a sapphire crystal. With a 42mm stainless steel case, screw-down crown and screw case back, these automatic models are robust and versatile.

The Bear Grylls Survival Series

The Bear Grylls Survival collection consists of watches for every environment – on water, in the air and on land. Of course, all models are equipped with Luminox LLT technology so that the watch is readable in all light conditions.

The Commando Series

The Commando Frogman was developed in collaboration with military and law enforcement expert Andrea Micheli, who helped create the Luminox Recon Line. Aimed at all military, police and professional divers, as well as outdoor enthusiasts, these watches are tough enough to withstand just about anything, and at 46mm, they can be worn in any situation.

The #tide ECO series

The theme of environmental friendliness and ecological sustainability is at the heart of this collection. This series uses 100% recycled plastic from the ocean, the so-called #tide ocean material®, for the case, the strap as well as the bezel.

The ICE-SAR Arctic Series

In addition to ice, heavy rain and strong winds, ICE-SAR (the Icelandic Search and Rescue Association) also has to contend with limited daylight visibility, as Iceland is in partial or complete darkness for several months during the winter. In such conditions, Luminox watches are the perfect choice thanks to their robust structure and illumination system.

The Atacama Field

The Atacama Field Automatic 1900 series is named after the Atacama Desert, one of the most extreme stretches of land on earth. The 1900 series was designed with extreme adventure in mind, but is also perfect for everyday wear. The watches feature an automatic movement, a stainless steel case and are water-resistant.

The F-117 Nighthawk Series

With its refined design, the Luminox F-117 NighthawkTM series references the aerodynamic contours of the aircraft, from the diamond-shaped, faceted bezel to the angular links of the bracelet. The 44mm case has a sandblasted finish reminiscent of the jet’s matte finish.

The Scott Cassell Deep Dive Series

This timepiece is simply “wow”! At the heart of the watch, which is water-resistant to 500 metres, is an automatic movement. “Always Visible” in all situations thanks to the Luminox Light Technology illumination system for energy-independent readability. Together with the secured diver’s bezel and the automatic helium release valve, the perfect companion for your next dive.

The Leatherback SEA Turtle Series

The classic Luminox case design, with its protected crown balanced by an opposing projection, has often been compared to the shape of a turtle. For the watches in this series, the now iconic Luminox case design is referred to as the “turtle shape”.

We hope that the incredible features of these watches have impressed you as much as they have us at Team Montredo. Learn more about Luminox and the watches with just one click!