Mondaine Watch: A Passion for Timeless, Original Design

By Montredo in Lifestyle
January 21, 2022
Mondaine Watch: A Passion for Timeless, Original Design

Innovation, functionality and quality Swiss craftsmanship – that’s exactly what Mondaine offers with its wide range of contemporary designer watches.

A Company With True Swiss Tradition

Swiss watch manufacturer MONDAINE Watch Ltd. has become one of the famous companies in the Swiss watch industry since it was founded in 1951 by Erwin Bernheim. This is not only due to the fact that the company manufactures excellent products. Since 1986, it has also been producing wristwatches, wall watches, table watches and pocket watches with the design and licensed designation “Official Swiss Railways Watch/SBB”. The Mondaine SBB collection, with its unique design, has become a Swiss classic and is now considered one of the “10 Swiss Watch Classics”. Designed in Switzerland, Mondaine SBB sets standards with its excellent readability.

Mondaine Watches: Efficiency and Love for Harmonious Design

For more than 60 years, Mondaine watches have combined timeless, original design with useful innovation, functionality and high-quality Swiss craftsmanship. Like the SBB station clock itself, the timepieces feature a purist design inspired by the Bauhaus style, characterized by the distinctive dial, the striking hands and the legendary red seconds dial.

Quality products with personality

Shape, structure, sensitivity and seamless evolution are characteristic of Mondaine’s constant heartbeat. The same principles apply to the watches and the five main collections to which they belong. Let’s take a look at them together.

Classic collection

It was developed in 1944 by the Swiss Federal Railways for their stations and first introduced as a wristwatch by Mondaine in 1986. The classic collection impresses with its carefully designed stainless steel case and conveys a timeless and minimalist appearance. The red crown and red coloring on the inside of the strap are hidden design features.

Evo2 watch collection

The evo2 derives from the Bauhaus design of the Classic and is in the tradition of craftsmanship and purist design. An evolution, rather than a revolution. The difference is not only pleasing to the eye, but also to the wrist. Thanks to its rounded, organic shape and the seamless transition to the case back, the evo2 nestles particularly gently and offers maximum wearing comfort.

The evo2 is also available in the automatic version. These models have been given rounder edges that blend into the transparent caseback for uninterrupted comfort. They feature refined lugs and an artfully modified crown that increase their functionality and lead to an overall more balanced and sophisticated look.

Essence Collection

The essence watch collection combines two core values of the Mondaine brand: innovation and sustainability. This line is not only clean and simple in terms of design, but also considerate of the world we live in. The latest technologies are used to make this eco-friendly wristwatch mostly from renewable raw material. So this model can be worn with a clear conscience, as it is probably the most eco-friendly watch on the market, made with solar energy in its own Swiss factory.

Simply Elegant Collection

This collection continues the line of the station watch and stands for consistent design as well as high craftsmanship. Its ultra-flat case hugs the arm very well and offers the highest wearing comfort. The distinctive dial under the scratch-resistant sapphire crystal makes this Mondaine watch an elegant companion for any occasion.

Giant collection

With the Giant collection, Mondaine demonstrates the innovative power of its traditional brand. The enlarged mineral glass supports the characteristic look of this design and ensures optimal readability. Even at night. Equipped with innovative BackLight technology, the watchmakers made it possible to illuminate the iconic design of Swiss railroad station clocks. The underside of the hands glow in the dark and illuminate the dial, allowing the time to be read even in dark places.

Mondaine timepieces are simply exciting. You can find more information about each model here. Have fun on your journey of watch discovery!