Rolex Daytona Steel 116500LN

By Montredo in Reviews
May 13, 2019
Rolex Daytona Steel 116500LN


The Rolex Daytona was launched in 1963. While originally not too much of a success and rather a storekeeper, it is today one of the most coveted luxury watch models ever. In addition to the Omega Speedmaster Professional, it is probably the best-known chronograph model and delivery times of up to several years are possible due to the strong excess demand. 

In terms of design, the 116500LN is thoroughly Daytona. The legendary red “Daytona” lettering originally comes from the famous Daytona “Big Red” and the ring-shaped contrasting Chrono sub-dials are the standout design feature of later Daytona references. 

Inside the watch ticks the calibre 4130, which Rolex introduced in 2000 to become a pure manufacture. (Before that, the downclocked Zenith El Primero plant was the last movement used in Rolex models that was not produced in-house by Rolex. 

In addition to the typical Rolex design and the robust, accurate and durable properties typical of Rolex sports models, the moderate case size of 40 mm is particularly appealing. This makes the watch look never overproportional, even on smaller wrists, making it extremely comfortable to wear. As usual with Daytonas, this model is also delivered on the Oyster band. No question, the Daytona in steel is an absolute Hall-of-Fame watch classic.