Simplicity is King: Fortis Expands its Flieger Collection with F-39 and F-41 Models

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September 13, 2020
Simplicity is King: Fortis Expands its Flieger Collection with F-39 and F-41 Models

Exactly one month ago, Fortis spectacularly re-launched its Flieger (German for aviator) collection, whose origins date back to 1987. As the first completely redesigned watch collection since Jupp Philipp took office in 2018, expectations were accordingly high, but it’s safe to say that the F-43 Bicompax Chronograph nipped any doubts in the bud. (If you would like to find out what makes this watch so special, you can find our review here.)

Due to their intended purpose, Fortis watches have always been more in the upper size range. For good reason, because if pilots want to read the time in a fraction of a second at supersonic speed, a certain minimum dial size is a must. Nonetheless, watch enthusiasts and Fortis fans alike have started to express a desire for smaller Fortis models , because let’s face it: How many of us sit in the cockpit daily?

As a result, Fortis now presents a variety of three-hand watches from its recently relaunched Flieger collection with smaller diameters.

Simplicity is King

Fortis Flieger F-41

True to the motto “Simplicity is King”, three new models were being added, seamlessly fitting into the new aviator collection. Their design is pretty much coherent with the F-43 Bicompax Chronograph, which introduced many new features at its launch last month. In particular, the orange Synchroline® at 12 o’clock, which helps pilots to synchronize their watches, or the particularly luminous Brixtrack® were nifty and defining elements of the new collection, which are also seen again in the three-hand models.

The robust Block Bracelet, i.e. the newly developed stainless steel bracelet, also comes into use again. Thanks to a built-in slide clasp, the bracelet can be adjusted on the fly , providing it with a great deal of day-to-day wearability. For those who like it a little bit more casual, Fortis also offers a German-made leather strap.

Fortis Flieger F-39

Flieger F-39-J Automatic Limited Edition

While the first two watches, with their characteristic Fortis Flieger green and Berlac Fluor Orange accents, follow their big chronograph brother in terms of design language, one watch presents itself in an entirely different color scheme. With the F-39-J model, Fortis is introducing a limited edition of 50 watches that are based on the F-39, but are solely available for the Japanese market.

What distinguishes the watch is its deep blue dial with white indices. In the center, a red second hand illuminates – reminiscent of the sun of the Japanese flag. Other than that, the watch is identical to the F-39, i.e. 39mm in diameter, Synchroline display at 12 o’clock and Brixtrack minute track.

Fortis Flieger F-39-J
Easter egg: Only the 13th day of the month lights up in bright Berlac Fluor Orange.

At a glance:

  • References: F.422.0005 (39mm, steel), F.422.0006 (39mm, leather), F.422.0008 (41mm, steel), F.422.0009 (41mm, leather)
  • Case diameter: 39mm or 41mm
  • Winding: Automatic
  • Caliber: UW-30
  • Power reserve: 38h
  • Strap: Leather or steel
  • Lug width: 21mm
  • Glass: Sapphire crystal
  • Bezel: 12h GMT bezel (24 clicks)
  • Water resistance: 200m / 600ft / 20atm
  • RRP: 1,950€ (leather), 2,400€ (steel)
Fortis Flieger


It’s always nice to see watch brands listening to their community’s feedback. That’s why we are all the more pleasantly surprised that Fortis now offers fans with narrower wrists an alternative with the new F-39 models, who might be more reluctant when it comes to >40mm cases.

The new case dimensions, together with the clever design elements of the F-43 Bicompax Chronograph, result in a great everyday flieger watch for all occasions (and wrists). For those who find the block bracelet too sporty or too heavy on the wrist, the handcrafted leather strap poses an extremely high-quality alternative.

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  1. Smart move by Fortis to also go for smaller models now, long overdue.
    The F-39 has a lot of potential for sure

    September 14, 2020
  2. The Japanese one looks great, a pity it won’t be available in Sweden (let alone Europe).
    But way to go Fortis, I do enjoy these new models.

    September 15, 2020
  3. Really chuffed with what Jupp Philipp is up to these days and the direction he’s been taking with Fortis!

    September 28, 2020
  4. Are you guys a Fortis AD?

    September 30, 2020
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