The Clavius Collection from BOTTA

By Montredo in Lifestyle
June 6, 2024
The Clavius Collection from BOTTA

From Another Planet – This Timepiece Stuns with its “Extraterrestrial” Design

What does a watch need to tell the time? Exactly: the hands. But how can they be displayed in a new way? Botta has provided the answer with their Clavius collection.

When you first set eyes on the new Clavius, you may think that BOTTA takes inspiration from the moon…. and you would not be wrong. The design of the three-hand watch is partly reminiscent of a space station: the glass arches over the dial in a futuristic, even spherical manner and the second hand jumps elegantly from window to window. The Stanley Kubrick classic “2001: A Space Odysee” is not uninvolved in this. The film possibly inspired Klaus Botta to create the Clavius series, which immediately catches the eye with its extraordinary look.

Botta has been producing watches with a clear and unmistakable design in Königstein, just outside Frankfurt am Main, since 1986. Under the motto “complicated is simple – simple is difficult”, the collections are an understatement with superior functionality, logical, easy to use and well thought out.

Taken to the Extreme

Focusing on the essentials and avoiding distractions is what the first-generation Clavius celebrates. A ring window is its centre of attraction: The hand is all you need to tell the time and this is taken to the extreme with the Clavius. The tips of the hands move through the sapphire crystal window in the titanium case. A titanium plate separates the glass, concealing the hands except for the tip, which shines through the opening.

In the current series, small windows are also staged in the plate to create a “jumping seconds” effect. Well thought out and with no effort spared, the collection was perfected in several series of tests – including the BOTTA logo at 3 o’clock, which is clearly visible through an opening as soon as the seconds hand passes through it. The two automatic models in the current series are available in black and titanium.

A simple, lightweight case (just under 42 g without strap) with a striking look that attracts everyone’s attention and arouses interest despite its dignified look: with the Clavius, Botta has once again succeeded in being anything but ordinary; or as Botta himself puts it, offering a watch with an “extraterrestrial presence”.

The Clavius Cumulus is also available in a strictly limited edition – the rotor is numbered to underline the exclusive limitation of this watch to 20 pieces. With its bright colours, the timepiece is a contrast to the classic edition and is a delight to wear on the wrist, especially now in the warm season.

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