Tips for Handling Watches Close to the Water

By Montredo in Watch 101
June 22, 2020
Tips for Handling Watches Close to the Water

In our post about water resistance we explained to you why it may be better not to wear your luxury watch labeled “50m water resistant” on your next dive. Today we will look at how you can protect your watch from water damage.

1. Let the watchmaker check your watch for water resistance every year. Over time, even quality seals can become brittle and should therefore undergo regular inspections. Even after a fall or an impact an inspection is recommended to ensure the integrity of the seal.

2. Before you jump in the water, you should always check whether the crown and the pushers are closed. Under no circumstances should you manipulate the crown in the water. For watches with a screw-down crown, you should push down the crown and then screw it in tightly.

3. Never expose your watch to extreme temperature fluctuations. If you decide to take a dip in the cold pool after extensive sunbathing, this may cause serious damage to your watch.

4. Protect your watch from dust, grease and dirt, as this affects the material of the watch case. At best you should clean your watch periodically, but never use chemical cleaning detergents.

5. After wearing your watch in salt water it should subsequently be rinsed with tap water in order to prevent any damage.

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