Tonino Lamborghini Celebrates 40th Anniversary

By Montredo in Lifestyle
November 24, 2021
Tonino Lamborghini Celebrates 40th Anniversary

After a long career of success and innovation, a special collector’s book on Tonino Lamborghini and his watch and lifestyle brand has been recently published in a limited number of 500 copies for journalists, retailers and friends.

Tonino Lamborghini: Chic Italian Design Meets Lifestyle-Focused Products

“If I can’t give you Italy, I’ll give you its flair.” This sentence describes the resourceful philosophy of Tonino Lamborghini, the only son of Ferruccio Lamborghini (founder of the famous car company in 1963). Driven by the desire to bring Italian savoir-faire to the world, Tonino Lamborghini decided in 1981 to found his homonymous Tonino Lamborghini S.p.a. company, reinterpreting the family’s historic values of excellence and luxury. From that moment on, a universe in Italian style has been created that knows no bounds. Today, the Italian label presents itself as a fully-fledged lifestyle brand, under whose banner a wide range of luxury products has emerged. But most important of all; their attractive and high-quality wristwatches.

A Collection of Watches Made for Movement

Tonino’s real strengths have always been ideas, a love of all things mechanical and a passion for design, which have led to the development of several watch lines. Mechanics applied to style: Tonino Lamborghini’s timepieces are the perfect expression of an ancient art that always evokes emotion.

A symbol of creativity and harmony, a universe made up of ambitious challenges, with the aim of standing out by presenting a different and unique take on watchmaking. Tonino Lamborghini timepieces are designed for today’s generally energetic and adventurous connoisseurs. The watches tell a success story inspired by the solid and compact lines of mechanics. The meticulous and painstaking search for perfection and the passion for the energy of movement flow into every single aspect of the products. For example, in the materials: from titanium to carbon, from steel to aluminium, the Italian brand’s watches are the result of a lengthy process that combines technology, aesthetics and high quality elements.

Tonino Lamborghini Celebrates Their 40th Anniversary

From the world of mechanics to the world of design, Tonino Lamborghini has proven to be a pioneer of the times. He has combined the traits of his paternal personality with an entrepreneurial vision that has enabled the company to look beyond its own horizon. Forty years after its foundation, Tonino Lamborghini S.p.A. is tackling the new millennium with the same commitment as at the beginning. To celebrate this milestone, Tonino’s son Ferruccio, CEO and VP of the company, decided to dedicate to his father a book called “Tonino Lamborghini – Over the years”, a refined volume that shows the limitless curiosity and eclecticism of the founder through the diversity of his lifestyle creations. In previously unpublished words and pictures , the book recounts not only the fascinating history of the company, but also offers a deep-dive into the universe of this Italian design brand, always ready to experiment in new fields, without ever giving up the “Lamborghini DNA” that leaves its mark with the creation of the extensive Tonino Lamborghini products range. It is highly recommended reading!

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