Top 5 watch channels on YouTube

By Montredo in Lifestyle
January 31, 2020
Top 5 watch channels on YouTube
YouTube is one of the most popular information sources for watches © watchfinder

Not everyone has the privilege of being able to inspect their potential watch purchase first hand. Some people don’t live in or near a big city, and some watches are not in stock at the local dealer anyway. In addition to online reviews on watch blogs, such as Hodinkee or Monochrome, YouTube is an excellent source of information and inspiration when looking for your next watch. Some watch channels want to inform, some want to entertain and some do a bit of both, but naturally everyone involved is united by an enthusiasm for watches and a motivation to enter into an exchange with like-minded people. Here are five watch channels on YouTube that you should be watching.

5. The Bully: Archie Luxury

Archie Luxury
Doesn’t mince words: Archie Luxury ©ArchieLuxury

Archie Luxury is one of the first watch-youtubers. If there’s one thing you can definitely not expect from the Australian, whose real name is Paul Pluta, it’s balanced, objective evaluations of watches in all price ranges, presented with sophisticated language and distinguished behavior. Expect instead a barrage of unfiltered emotions and honest opinions with no mincing of words. The channel focuses on the big names like Rolex, Patek and such, since, according to Archie, anything under 3000 € is just junk anyway. Given the level of aggressive arrogance on offer, you should never make the mistake of taking it too seriously or too personally, especially when Archie has only one derogatory word – “Shiiiiitter” – for your favorite watch. Here, entertainment is to be had first and foremost.

Archie’s channel is here.

4. The Sympathist: Just one more watch

watch it all about
Jody from JOMW just makes us feel good: ©watch it all about

Because everyone needs “Just One More Watch.”

True to the motto of Scottish-born Jody Musgrove, his YouTube channel mainly offers reviews of entry-level watches up to 500 €, so as to ensure that anybody and everybody can afford Just One More Watch. Jody is always on the lookout for bargains and the best values for the money, which naturally leads to the presentation of entry level models from Japanese manufacturers and microbrands. Now and then the odd luxury model from Switzerland is also presented, but the lion’s share of the videos are devoted to, for example the current offers at AliExpress. All this is presented in a humorous and partially self-ironic way, which really makes the viewer feel comfortable watching.

If you only need ONE more watch, click here.

3.The Icon: The Urban Gentry

the urban gentry
The gentleman of the watch Channels: The Urban Gentry©the urban gentry

The channel of Tristano G. Veneto can confidently claim to be one of the true heavyweights in the YouTube watch world. Founded in 2014, the channel now has 384K subscribers (as of January 2020). The Urban Gentry knows like no one else how to communicate his enthusiasm for watches through the Tube. He is completely unpretentious and shows the same respect for an entry-level model from Seiko as he does for a Patek Philippe, because the moral is always that the price of your watches says nothing about your passion for them.

If you want above all to be informed, you certainly won’t go wrong with Tristano, and the comedic performances of T-Rex Hugo help to lighten the mood.

This way to the channel.

2. The All-Rounder: Bark and Jack

Two passions: coffee and watches © kickstarter

“Drink coffee and talk watches.”

Adrian Barker’s self-description certainly does not do justice to his YouTube channel. Adrian emphasizes again and again that he is not a watch expert, but simply likes to talk about them. Regardless of your opinion on the matter, you’ll agree that he definitely has a lot to talk about. Beyond the standard reviews, at Bark and Jack you can find discussions on all watch subjects, such as waiting lists for rare models, interviews with watch industry giants or even instructions on how to change watch straps correctly. The growing influence of Bark and Jack became apparent when Adrian speculated on a possible bursting of the Rolex bubble in 2019, triggering a discussion across several YouTube channels.

The coffee and watches are here.

1. The Sophisticate: Watchfinder

Visually, the Watchfinder videos are hard to beat ©watchfinder

A special treat for the eyes and ears are the videos of Watchfinder, the used watch dealer from London. The macro shots of the watches he presents are particularly captivating – possibly the finest to be seen on YouTube. The speaker is on a similarly high level, employing his pleasant voice and excellent rhetoric to take you on an evocative journey through the world of watches. Rather than a dry, factual lecture about watches, at Watchfinder you get a proper story. 456K subscribers also speak a clear language.

All this may sound almost poetic, but at the end of the day the Watchfinder videos are above all a celebration of aesthetics.

This way to the channel. For further watch reviews we recommend the Montredo Channel.