B.R.M Chronographes

  B.R.M Chronographes

B.R.M Chronographes Boat Master Automatisch Blauw 34mm

  B.R.M Chronographes

B.R.M Chronographes Boat Master Automatisch 44mm

  B.R.M Chronographes

B.R.M Chronographes Boat Master Automatisch 44mm

  B.R.M Chronographes

B.R.M Chronographes Ff39-40 Automatisch 40mm

  B.R.M Chronographes

B.R.M Chronographes Ff39-40 Automatisch 40mm

  B.R.M Chronographes

B.R.M Chronographes V12-44 Automatisch Wit 44mm


B.R.M Chronographes

Established in 2003, Bernard Richards Manufacture, the French luxury manufacturer was born out of the commitment and passion for precision engineering of its founder, Bernard Richards.

Wholly independent, and nestled in the restful old French Vexin region, the manufacture produces nothing but unique, handcrafted, tailormade models that clients themselves can help design through the brand’s online configurator. B.R.M has been innovating from the start.

Among it’s first and only : the world’s lightest automatic chronograph, a timepiece with three hands mounted on shock absorbers, a full-floating system watch made especially for golfing, an exceptional, extra-flat mechanical wristwatch and the first watch for multiple time zones.

Relentlessly, the B.R.M team continues to deliver a superior luxury product using notable materials, research and technology and the savoir-faire
of French artisans. B.R.M Chronographes has become a key partner in French and international motorsports.

It is in keeping with this philosophy that in 2021 the manufacture decide to launch a collection of jewelry under the B.R.M Luxury brand.



Watchmaking, spotting, precious-stone setting, hand-lacquering – B.R.M’s tradecraft is manifold, and embodied in our engraver/lathe-hand, our turner/miller, our watchmakers, and the rest. Every one of them is an expert, passionate artisan with indisputable know-how, perpetuating ancestral techniques, innovating, and creating new products to meet the clients’ demand and our own quality standards. They are men and women plying their exacting trades every day, by hand, to fashion our one-of-a-kind watches and jewelry.



Machining from the block to a hundredth of a millimeter’s tolerance, thanks to our fleet of CNC (computer numerical control) machines, each functional along 11 axes. Laser engraving. UV (ultra-violet) ink-jet printing on crystal. Since its founding, in 2003, the house of B.R.M has continuously improved its technical means through training and by investing in the latest digital production equipment. B.R.M is nothing if not independent and creative. We make our movements in-house, our unique designs come from the hand of Bernard Richards himself, and we issue our limited editions in partnership with renowned brands and ambassadors. All our products are handcrafted in our ateliers. By keeping a limited daily production output, and often working to order, we can focus on individual or bespoke timepieces. Another strength of B.R.M – we have developed the industry’s only online watch configurator, enabling our customers to tailor their watches down to the smallest detail. B.R.M creations, whether watches or jewelry, will bring you into the luxury world where art, French know-how and
sleek design blend.



The B.R.M house is committed to sustainability, as demonstrated in our longstanding environmental policy:

• we regularly collect and recycle our used machining oils
• we constantly hone our cutting tools
• we sort and reprocess our metal shavings
• we have ACT – Compressed Air Treatment to reduced energy consumption
while optimal performance is assured in all operating conditions
• we segregate the water for treatment.
• we properly separate and dispose of waste from all operations