US President And Secret Watch Fan: The Wristwatches Of Joe Biden

By Montredo in Lifestyle
February 16, 2021
US President And Secret Watch Fan: The Wristwatches Of Joe Biden

The fact that Joe Biden is not completely averse to high-quality wristwatches was already apparent to us during his vice-presidential days. Back then, he was often spotted with an Omega Seamaster Diver 300M on his wrist, which raises the question: Is Joe Biden a secret watch geek by any chance?

It seems so, because since Biden has been back on the international stage as the 46th U.S. President, the eyes (of watch fans) have increasingly been directed at his wrist. And what can we say… chapeau!

We therefore take a brief look at his four favorite watches.

Apple Watch

Joe Biden is the first US president in history to wear an Apple Watch in the Oval Office. Of course, one could argue that only his two predecessors would have been able to do so anyway (since the watch only got launched in 2014). However, presidents like to choose their watches carefully and with a view to symbolic character – and an Apple Watch stands for modernity and a finger on the pulse of time, which could not necessarily be said of Biden’s predecessor.

Seiko 7T32-6M90

The next watch, which arguably is Biden’s favorite daily beater, proves that it doesn’t always have to be a current smartwatch, though. The watch in question is a Seiko chronograph from the late 1990s or early 2000s, which is no longer available today. Nonetheless, this is the watch that seems to get the most wrist time.

The battery-powered bicolor chronograph has an alarm function, handy for presidents of course, and was available for around 100€ at the time. A real bargain compared to the next two watches Biden added to his private collection.

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Omega Speedmaster “Moonwatch”

The fact that Biden might have a proper weak spot for wristwatches was first revealed after he wore the iconic Moonwatch on the cover of an U.S. lifestyle magazine in 2017 – casually combined with a Levis denim shirt. This came as a bit of a surprise, as until then Biden had been considered somewhat down-to-earth and price-conscious in his choice of wristwatches.

This changed with the Omega Speedmaster, which, while not exorbitantly expensive or outrageously ostentatious, plays in a completely different league. The model on Biden’s wrist is the Speedmaster Moonwatch with 1861 caliber, which got discontinued at the beginning of 2021 and replaced by a new edition with 3861 movement.

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Rolex Datejust

Whether at his inauguration in January 2021 or while playing with his dog Major, since the end of last year Biden has occasionally presented himself with a Rolex Datejust on his wrist. At the latest now, it was clear to everyone that this man loves high-quality watches. Biden opted for the Datejust reference with a 41mm diameter, smooth bezel, and jubilee bracelet, currently retailing for around nine grand.

By the way, also his close friend and former boss Barack Obama happens to be a sucker for Rolex watches, see Rolex Cellini – The Overlooked Swan.

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Did you know that Biden’s predecessor Donald Trump also owns some pretty interesting watches? Here we take a closer look at some of his favorites.

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