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Favorite Nomos Glashütte models:

NOMOS Glashütte – The Timeless Minimalist

The German watchmakers of Glashütte are pragmatic, yet extraordinarily inventive when it comes to creating watch movements. That’s why Glashütte watches are of high quality and have great visual appeal. The first four original models from NOMOS Glashütte were launched in 1992, namely the Tangente, Orion, Ludwig, and Tetra. These models are later joined by the models Club (2007), Zurich (2009), as well as Ahoi (2013), Metro (2014) and Minimatik (2015). In 2013, the Company introduced two models in the upper luxury segment Lambda and Lux.

NOMOS manufacture in Glashütte is 300-member strong. They operate in accordance with the criteria set by the German Werkbund: State of the art laser and CNC machines are complemented by the manual work of highly skilled watchmakers. With the Brand’s constant dedication in research and development, NOMOS has various patents under its belt, amongst which include the Alpha (2005), the Brand’s first manual winding calibre, the DUW 5201 (2014), the automatic watch movement which powers NOMOS GMT watches, like the Zürich World Time and the Tangomat GMT, as well as the DUW 3001 (2015), an extremely slim watch movement that measured at only 3.2 mm.

Tradition, Innovation and aesthetics go hand in hand at NOMOS. The Brand’s mission is to never bow to current fashion, yet consistently pushing the boundaries in watchmaking with innovation and cutting-edge technology. The result is creating watches that you can never get enough of, even if one glances at the time frequently.

Nomos Glashütte Collections


Tangente is the flagship model of NOMOS Glashütte. Introduced to the market since 1992, it is a design classic and has frequently won awards and prizes, including the prestigious “Goldene Unruh”. The NOMOS Tangente is available with date and power reserve indicator in two case sizes at 33 mm and 38 mm respectively.



The NOMOS Tangomat is the automatic version of the Tangente, which is powered by a manual-winding movement.Tangomat has been on the market since 2005. It looks very similar to the Tangente and it is available with a case size at 38 mm.



This collection is perhaps best known for its GMT model, the Zürich World Time. Other variations of the Zürich collection, include a date display and small seconds. This watch certainly looks elegant and smart.



The NOMOS Club is one of the sportier offerings from the NOMOS line up. Its design deviates slightly from its more muted siblings, with bold dial colours, such as the likes of Siren Red and Siren Blue. Also, thanks to a coating of superluminova on the watch hands, one can even tell the time in the dark. Available in various case sizes, ranging from 36 mm to 41.5 mm, it is made for people who know what they want and never fall short of being bold.



Ludwig is reminiscent of the Tangente, but it has a more traditionalist touch with its Roman numerals and delicate bezel. This watch is for the elegant classicist and is especially suitable for formal occasions.



One of the latest additions in the NOMOS family of watches, the Minimatik is powered by the NOMOS manufacture automatic movement DUW 3001. This extra slim movement measured only at 3.2 mm in height, thus giving this watch a sleek contour. Combined with an interesting colour palette, champagne, midnight blue or classic silver, the NOMOS Minimatik is for those who are constantly on the look out for that “something different”.



The automatic watch Ahoi is NOMOS answer to a diver’s watch and designer piece combined. Thanks to six screws sealing the bottom of the case and a screw-down crown, the watch is water-resistant up to 200 m. It is available in two different sizes, with or without date display in white, dark Atlantic blue or siren-red and blue.



Since its unveiling in 2014, NOMOS Metro with the red second hand has become an overnight sensation and has since won numerous awards, such as the “German Design Award” and the “Goldene Unruh” . Designed by the Berlin designer, Mark Braun, has quickly become one of the most famous models of NOMOS.



The NOMOS Tetra is a series of hand-wound watches by the Glashütte manufacture. Its square watch case gives the watch a clean and unmistakable silhouette. The smaller models measured at 27 mm (the Tetra Champagne, the Tetra Karat) and 33 mm (the Tetra Kleene) are perfect for those with a slender wrist. It also comes with a more robust version measured at 39 mm that has a more moderate choice of dial colours in white, dark blue, or silver.


Why should I buy a NOMOS Glashütte watch?

The watches by NOMOS Glashütte stand for timeless Bauhaus-inspired design, not only are they visually stunning , they are technically impressive. NOMOS watches combine the traditional know-how of watchmaking from Glashütte and modern design from Berlin, they are suitable for modern city dwellers, as they are for lovers of classic and traditional designs. These timepieces are not boastful, they are rather functional and epitomise a quiet elegance.

Nomos Glashütte in Numbers


24 watches in a single timepiece is what you get with the model “Zurich World Time” (Ref. 805, 807) with 24 different time zones at your fingertips.


A total of 1.5 million minutes were invested into the development of the new automatic caliber DUW 3001 by NOMOS.


movements have been developed by NOMOS to date.

75 to 95 %

This is the percentage of NOMOS watch components that are “Made in Glashütte”.


The number of design awards that have been won by NOMOS Glashütte since the manufacture’s foundation in the early 90s’.

Nomos Glashütte: A Chronology

1990: Roland Schwertner founded NOMOS in Glashütte, Saxony and registered the trademark.

1992: The year 1992 marked the launch of the first NOMOS watch collection consisting of the four original models Tangente, Orion, Ludwig and Tetra.

2000: NOMOS purchased the old Glashütte train station. Five years later, the building is refurbished to become the main site of production and management for NOMOS.

2005: NOMOS shifts to using only in-house movements, including the Alpha (standard hand-wound movement), Beta (with date display), Gamma (with power-reserve indicator) and Delta (with date and power reserve indicator).

2014: The watchmaker introduces the NOMOS proprietary innovative ‘swing system’, which makes the Manufacture completely independent and allows them to produce the movements entirely in-house.

2014: The Metro, brainchild of the Berlin designer Mark Braun, is presented and quickly earns numerous design awards.

2017: A new collection of waterproof watches sees the light of day. The Aqua collection consists of 16 colourful models.

2020: NOMOS celebrates 175 years of Glashütte watchmaking tradition with special Ludwig models.

Nomos Glashütte Aficionados

NOMOS minimalist appeal draws a loyal fanbase, celebrities from the world of politics and society are ardent fans of this Glashütte Brand. The former US President Bill Clinton wears a NOMOS Glashütte watch – the NOMOS Tangente Millenium. Also in the German political scene NOMOS Glashütte watches can frequently be seen on the wrists of prominent figures such as Frank Walter Steinmeier (President of the German Republic) and the former Chancellor, Gerhard Schröder. One of the most legendary and famous wearers was the late Sir Roger Moore, who portrayed James Bond, 007 in the 70s and 80s.