Ulysse Nardin

Founded in 1846 in Le Locle, Ulysse Nardin epitomizes what every genuine Swiss watch brand should stand for today. LEARN MORE

Favorite Ulysse Nardin models:

Ulysse Nardin – The Coast is Clear!

The anchor in the brand’s logo probably is a giveaway that this Swiss company is closely connected with seafaring heritage. It has made an international name for itself ever since the name patron Ulysse Nardin in the middle of the 19th century invented exceptionally precise ship chronometers.

The Marine Chronometer model with the brand’s typical small second emphasises this legacy just as much as the impressive Marine Chronograph or the Marine Diver found in the Maxi Edition.

It’s a brand that has made its presence felt in Haute Horlogerie and captivates many a watch enthusiast and new-comer time and again with its watch complications. For example, a second time zone in the Executive Dual Time, the perpetual calendar in the El Toro, the Perpetual Manufacture, as well as the tourbillon in the Skeleton.

In terms of designs, Ulysse Nardin keeps things very fresh with timekeepers like the Freak Cruiser, the Enamel series, and the ladies’ watch Jade.