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Porsche Design - High-performance watches with racing DNA

Porsche - the sports car manufacturer from southern Germany - has always stood for timeless elegance, purism and a perfect fusion of technology and high-end materials. However, in 1972, almost 40 years after the company was founded, Porsche embarked on a new path to reaffirm the clear stylistic leitmotifs of the company.

Porsche Design GmbH was founded by Ferdinand Alexander Porsche, grandson of Porsche founder Ferdinand Porsche. The later founding father of the legendary Porsche 911 came into contact with form language from childhood on, as he spent a lot of time in his grandfather's creative workshops and thus developed a keen sense of aesthetics at an early age. However, the main intention of founding the company was by no means to form another lucrative line of business. Rather, it was the enormous urge for action and the vision not only to design cars according to Porsche's typical characteristics. In addition, they were looking for suitable gifts for jubilees within their own ranks, so that the focus was not only on watches but also on glasses, writing utensils or pipes.

Two years after the company was founded, it moved to Austria, where Porsche Design opened a design studio that still serves as the company's creative headquarters. True to Porsche's philosophy, no expense or effort is spared in the creation of the best possible product. Stylistically, the watches follow the cars very closely and at first glance one can recognize their common origin. In the implementation this means, for example, that the utmost importance has been attached to readability. Like the tachometers of the Porsche 911 models, the tachometers were written in white on a black background (or respectively a black dial).

After an initial collaboration with the watch manufacturer Orfina, another important collaboration followed in 1978 to 1995: Porsche Design found in IWC a worthy partner who shared the same horological passion and was able to produce watches to Porsche's strict quality standards. In 1998 Eterna followed, but in 2014 Porsche started to produce the watches completely by itself with the "Porsche Design Timepieces AG". They were no longer dependent on external help.

The success story began in 2014 with a German idea and continued with Austrian designs and Swiss made watches.

The most important collections


Sometimes less is more. The watches of the 1919 line are certainly best known for their reduced design and their purist tidiness: 100% minimalist functionality, 0% frills. This Bauhaus style in combination with the dark dial and solid titanium case round off this watch and give it a timeless appearance.

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Chronotimer models are chronographs, paying tribute to Porsche’s legendary first "Chronograph I" and to racing. The design template for these watches were the dark, low-reflection cases of the modern sports cars. The result is for example a sapphire crystal with seven layers of antireflective coating for instant legibility.

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Monobloc Actuator

At this point at the latest the connection to racing becomes clear with the Monobloc Actuator models. Like a racing car, this watch does not have typical chronograph pushers, but rather paddle shifters as you would expect them on the steering wheel of a sports car.


Again, it was a sports car that that generated the idea for this unique collection, as the name would suggest. This means a functional design language and a dial that is reminiscent of a Porsche’s dashboard.

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Flat Six

The watches in the Flat Six collection are a result of the collaboration with Eterna and perfectly reflect the guiding principle of Porsche's philosophy: aesthetics as the result of the required form and function and not the other way around.

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Why should I buy a Porsche watch?

Porsche watches follow the construction principles of racing and are distinguished by their unique shapes. True to the motto "Forms follows function", high-quality titanium watches are created, which are meticulously designed and built by hand in Switzerland by a small team of experienced watchmakers, designers and engineers. Just as with the cars, only first-class materials are used, promising the buyer a unique experience. In addition, quality assurance does full credit to the Porsche model, so that you can enjoy a Porsche watch throughout your life.


The brand in numbers

911: Porsche 911

The inventor of the legendary Porsche 911 design is also responsible for Porsche Design GmbH.

200: In-house caliber 01.200

Porsche Design Timepieces launches the first self-developed manufactory caliber in 2018.

1972: Founded in the early 70s

Porsche has now been producing first-class watches for well over 40 years.

500: Limited to 500 pieces

Porsche's legendary first watch, Timepiece No. 1, was released in a strictly limited edition in 2014.

2014: Historical New Beginning

The year 2014 symbolizes an important turning point for Porsche Design, from which a strategic realignment with "Porsche Design Timepieces AG" emerged.

Porsche Design: A Chronology

1972: Foundation stone laid by Professor Ferdinand Alexander Porsche with the initial help of the Orfina watch factory  

1974: Foundation of an own design studio in Zell am See Austria, which still exists to this day.

1978: Start of the cooperation with IWC, from which many well-known watch models were to follow.

1980: The first chronograph made entirely of titanium is presented.

1998: A license agreement with Eterna covers research & development, production and distribution. 

2004: Roland Heiler takes over the creative heritage of the deceased F.A. Porsche as the new Managing Director of Porsche Design Studio. 

2014: Cooperation with Eterna ends; Porsche Design Group founds the subsidiary "Porsche Design Timepieces AG" in Solothurn, Switzerland, which specializes in watches. 

2015: Launch of the Chronotimer collection.

2016: The purist 1919 collection is born. 

2017: The Monobloc Actuator, which features chronograph pushers integrated into the watch case, is launched.  

2018: The first in-house movement 01.200, which is completely self-manufactured, includes a flyback function.