We Dive Into the World of Hyper-Technology With the New FF39-40 from B.R.M Chronographes

By Montredo in Lifestyle
February 19, 2024
We Dive Into the World of Hyper-Technology With the New FF39-40 from B.R.M Chronographes

Full Floating – what is behind this new concept and the latest creation from B.R.M Chronographes? We take a closer look at this fascinating novelty…

B.R.M Chronographes is known for its precise mechanics and unique designs, but who is their founder Bernard Richards and why is his love of motorsports integral to the brand’s look and feel? Founded in 2003, the independent French-based company has already won numerous awards for its craftsmanship, sophisticated technology and sense of sustainability. Now, the French Manufacturer has created something that is truly eye-catching. The FF39-40 combines craftsmanship with technical innovation to create the first automatic watch that is protected against both horizontal and vertical shocks.

The Finest Watchmaking Art

The watchmaker with the sporty DNA has created a complex timepiece which includes five ribbed silent blocks, each 1.2 mm thick, and two straps with a 1 mm torus radius. Together, these elements soften all vibrations and protect the heart of the watch: the “floating movement”. In this way, the new automatic timepiece combines technical innovation with industrial craftsmanship. The drilled and balanced cylinder of the movement, with its constant and secure movement control, optimises the power of the spring and guarantees a power reserve of approximately 38 hours. In contrast to the sophisticated technology of the FF39-40 movement is the pure case design of the special model, which – unusually for B.R.M Chronographes – features an isosceles trapezium shape, with rounded corners.

The brushed surface of the case and the black PVD treatment of the bezel along with the cylinder shaped lugs all help to enhance the futuristic look. The FF39-40 is a complete package of technology, design and innovation.

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