Baselworld 2019: Interview with Jean-Claude Biver

By Montredo in Lifestyle
May 14, 2019
Baselworld 2019: Interview with Jean-Claude Biver

The legacy of this man is second to none, as he managed to shape the Swiss watch industry as profoundly as only a few before him. We are talking of course about Jean-Claude Biver. As early as 1982, he had a stroke of genius: Biver took over the rights of the Blancpain watch manufactory, which was out of service for an indefinite period of time. By doing so, his career quickly gained momentum. In an unprecedented manner, Biver led a total of five watch brands in a wide variety of positions on the international road to success. As an innovative and witty maverick as well as Head of LVMH watch production, Biver made TAG Heuer, Zenith and Hublot hugely successful across the globe. In September 2018, after almost half a century of watchmaking success, Biver stepped back from his operational duties.

In our interview at Baselworld 2019, Biver reviews the past years and reveals what attitudes and values have brought not only personal but also professional success. Surprisingly, the Beatles classic “All you need is love” plays a central role in Biver’s philosophy of life, running like a common thread through his entire career.