Did Kamawatch Just Launch the World’s Most Versatile Watch?

By Montredo in Lifestyle
July 12, 2021
Did Kamawatch Just Launch the World’s Most Versatile Watch?

At Montredo we are always on the lookout for design and innovation in watchmaking. And as we came across the newest creation of Kamawatch, that brings in an innovative design with not only an exchangeable strap but also an exchangeable bezel, we figured that we had to get the word out.

Kama Luxe, design that innovates.

Popular Genta Design

Inspired by the design of wristwatches from 60’ and 70’, with a 40 mm case, 11mm of thickness and a Myota 5 ATM Automatic Movement with a power reserve of more than 42 hours, the latest creation of Kamawatch, a young Italian watchmanufacturer, the Kama Luxe brings to the market a solid and versatile wrist watch. 

A closer look at Kama Luxe modular system.

The result is a reliable timepiece that can be both sporty or elegant depending on the strap and bezel set one decides to put on. In total 8 different looks are possible with this one watch.

A forward-looking innovation.

Kama Luxe, multiple looks for any occasion.

Wallet-friendly entry into the world of mechanical watches

With its future retail price set at USD 540 (one case, four bezels, one strap), the watch is not only a beauty to look at with its multiple combinations, but also good value for money. Additional bezels and straps can be purchased separately.

The watch has just completed a successful financing round on kickstarter and we look forward to seeing it soon available to the broader market.

For more information check Kamawatch on Kickstarter and the manufacturer’s website.