Fresh in from the Wempe observatory in Glashütte: Iron Walker chronometers

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May 25, 2020
Fresh in from the Wempe observatory in Glashütte: Iron Walker chronometers

Wempe, a family-run business in its fourth generation, has been producing its own high-quality timepieces in Glashütte since 2006. Kim-Eva Wempe, at the helm of the company for nearly 20 years, has now proudly presented the third watch collection of the Wempe Glashütte i/SA watch brand: the Iron Walker.

In case you wondered: The name “Iron Walker” stems from the American steel construction workers who perform their work on steel girders at dizzying heights. (Just think of the eleven New York construction workers during their world-famous Lunch atop a Skyscraper).

Chronometers from Germany

What makes these new watches from Wempe Glashütte i/SA really stand out is their chronometer certification. With this certification, German movements can now also claim the coveted proof of precision for themselves, something that was previously reserved for Swiss movements only. If you would like to learn more about this certification, you can find a concise overview at Wempe here.

The observatory in Glashütte. © Wempe

The short version is that in 2005, Wempe took over the Saxon observatory called Urania, extensively restored it, and subsequently established the first German chronometer test centre there. In cooperation with the Thuringian State Office for Consumer Protection and the State Office for Metrology and Verification, the German DIN standard 8319 was created, which even exceeds the requirements for Swiss COSC-certified chronometers. Essentially, the main difference is that only the completely assembled watch is checked for accuracy (and not only the bare movement).

Wempe Iron Walker with three new models

The newly introduced Iron Walker collection consists of three different models: sporty chronographs (€3,675), robust diving watches (€2,975) and elegant three-hand watches. The latter are an exception to the collection in the sense that they are the only ones available in two different versions: The women’s models come in a 36mm diameter and start at €2,275, while the men’s models measure 40mm in diameter and start at €2,375.

If you add up all the configuration options, you’ll get a whopping 16 new watches.

Side by side: Chronograph, Diver and three-hander.

The watches all boast Swiss ETA movements, which are adjusted at the Glashütte observatory according to German chronometer standards. Another novelty is the fully integrated steel bracelet bracelet, which tapers towards the buckle, resulting in a more pleasant feel and a more harmonious look on the wrist.

Wempe Iron Walker
Straightforward despite some corners and edges: The new Iron Walker watches. © Wempe

For more information about the new Iron Walker collection from Wempe Glashütte i/SA, head over to their website.

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