MeisterSinger Cooperates with WWF and Launches “Planet Earth” Edition

By Montredo in Lifestyle
November 3, 2021
MeisterSinger Cooperates with WWF and Launches “Planet Earth” Edition

The Münster-based company, known for its very special mechanical wristwatches, is showing its sustainable side with a WWF partnership.

MeisterSinger and its Commitment to the Environment

Environmental protection has never been as topical as it is today. Its importance is perceived by everyone and that is why, in recent years, many companies in various sectors have greatly changed their corporate philosophy to meet the needs of our planet. After a long project, the watch company MeisterSinger is now also ready to show the world how much it cares for the environment and is doing so in a great partnership with the World Wide Fund for Nature. With its “Planet Earth” edition, MeisterSinger targets the increasing demand for sustainable and green businesses.

An Exclusive Must-have for a Good Cause

The MeisterSinger “Planet Earth” Edition

The breathtaking view of our home planet from space has not been granted to most people until now. MeisterSingers Edition “Planet Earth” makes it possible to experience this unique and fascinating vista and to also contribute to the protection of the planet. The aim of this edition watch is to remind us just how precious and impressively beautiful our home planet is. With the watch limited to just 500 pieces, the one-hand specialist supports the worldwide mission of the WWF, which is committed to preserving the earth’s biodiversity, promoting the sustainable use of natural resources and helping to reduce environmental pollution and wasteful consumption.

For each watch sold, the Münster-based company and retailers will waive €200 in equal shares, which will go to the WWF as direct support.

The “Perigraph” in One of its Most Unusual Versions

The series watch that has been sold successfully for years, the “Perigraph” with 360° exposed date disc, is the official protagonist of this project. The deep black dial encloses the photo-realistic representation of the earth. The hour numerals from 01 to 12 are arranged in a circle, the half hours are marked by an additional dot. The typical MeisterSinger strict hierarchy leads, as usual, to a simple way of reading the time.

The SW400 movement in action

Inside the 43 mm case ticks the mighty SW400, which is visible through the glass-view back. The world-famous logo of the collaboration partner, the panda with the WWF lettering, adorns the glass-view back of the Planet Earth edition and makes this watch a very special timepiece.

A 360° Concept of Sustainability

The limited edition watch is not only striking for its eye-catching prestige, aesthetics and philanthropic basis, but also for its complete product concept. Indeed, the “Perigraph” is complemented by a vegan strap made of apple fibres, which is indistinguishable from real leather in terms of quality, appearance and wearing comfort.

The watch comes in a sustainable watch box

A case specially designed for this watch from sustainable materials rounds off the concept of the edition. The basis is an FSC-certified cardboard box, which is coated with FSC-certified paper on both the inside and the outside. The lid cushion also has a cover made of recycled velour fabric. Incidentally, the strap and packaging will also be used for all series-produced watches. Vegan faux-leather straps will soon be available for several models, and before the end of the year MeisterSinger will switch to sustainable cases for every watch they produce.

You will find this limited edition watch in the Montredo online shop, together with further exclusive creations by MeisterSinger.