The Perfect Watch For Your Son as a Graduation Gift

By Montredo in Lifestyle
May 5, 2019
The Perfect Watch For Your Son as a Graduation Gift


Few things are as precious as time, perhaps because it slips by so quickly in life. A son’s graduation from a school or university is the type of occasion that leaves no parent’s eyes dry. It’s also one of the first landmarks achieved in a young adult’s life that marks his first steps into a world of independency.

Yet, finding the right kind of graduation gift that best fits in with his personality, withstands all his energetic activities, and still manages to click with his style isn’t an easy pursuit. That being said, a watch can be a great graduation present to mark this occasion. It’s powerfully symbolic, an indispensable companion, and can be a very attractive and reliable accessory. A nice mechanical watch doesn’t always necessarily have to be accompanied by an expensive price tag and it might be just the right kind of hot item the grad will get a lot of use out of and really enjoy wearing.

To support you in sifting through the offerings in a branch that is full to the brim with diversity, we have composed the following concise list of thoughtful pointers for parents on the hunt for the right graduation gift.

The Right Look

There are quite a few brands that offer a substantial variety of unique luxury watches in their collections such as Omega, TAG Heuer, Frederique Constant, Junghans, Mühle Glashütte, and many more. By the same token, there are also a lot of tricked out and flippy designs on the market. As a matter of principle, it’s a safe bet to steer clear of any watch fads. What might be “in” for a short amount of time, can be “out” just as quickly.

Consider a more classy approach, with a round, rectangular or square shaped case and toned-down visuals that can fit right in with high-brow as well as laid back affairs, such as one from the watch manufacturer Frederique Constant. Depicted here are two 40 mm stainless steel and rose gold plated versions from its Slimline Automatic collection. The timepieces have crisp dials with Roman numerals and are protected by highly scratch resistant sapphire crystals. The watches have an automatic movement that have a power reserve of about 42 hours and come equipped with leather straps.

Measurements Matter

Men’s watch cases generally range from 38 to 44 mm. A standard case dimension measures about 40 mm, sporty themed pieces can be larger around 43 mm, and XL watches begin at about 45 mm. If the grad has a thin wrist (wrist measurement of less than 17 cm), a small to medium size watch (36 – 41 mm) might be the best fit. Out of all the aforementioned sizes, it’s for the best to not opt for an XL piece as they are tailored towards a very specific kind of taste and have the propensity to be top-heavy.

Smart and Sporty Design

Selecting a graduation gift that will coordinate with his different types of clothes can be a difficult decision to reach. As far as a young man is concerned, consider a watch that has a flexible appearance, like one with a mix of a sporty look as well as a smart design. From black suits, to casual jeans, sneakers, t-shirts: nearly all the bases are covered with a watch that is neither too sporty nor too elegant. For example, the Mark XVIII is a 40 mm pilot’s themed piece that is inspired by the onboard instruments found in a Junkers Ju 52 cockpit. The Mark XVIII’s sporty and refined style might be the kind of graduation present that he will strap on his wrist every day.

New, Used, and Returns

Take into consideration that new watches cannot always necessarily be returned nor your money fully refunded, regardless of where you bought the watch. In the same vein, private sellers generally aren’t interested in, nor obligated to honour a return either. The second hand market is also littered with counterfeits or reworked watches that have unauthentic parts, so we suggest only buying a timekeeper from trustworthy sources such as a renowned jeweller or dealer. At the very least, only one that has significant experience and a solid reputation as a serious seller. Just so you know: a bonus of buying online from a reputable source is that you’ll be covered by a legally binding right of return policy.

The Bare Essentials

No young man can really be blamed for being wowed by functionality and tech, but the graduation gift shouldn’t be over the top. In terms of case material, we’re going to put stainless steel forward as the best choice for a grad. He’ll hopefully wear his watch on a daily basis and it’s highly likely he will subject it to a multitude of different circumstances. In terms of the watch dial colour, choose a solid e.g. blue, black, or white and a design that isn’t visually too loud with a more simple appearance.

For some visual orientation, the Mühle Glashütte’s Teutonia II Chronometer is a timekeeper with an uncluttered design that isn’t lacking in performance. 39 millimetres in diameter, it’s a stainless steel timekeeper with an automatic movement, providing 38 hours of power reserve, and which can be viewed in action over its transparent case back. The piece features a unique characteristic explicitly created by this manufacturer that works behind the scenes. Known as “woodpecker neck regulation”, it provides the timepiece with the best possible accuracy, even in the worst kinds of conditions. A very attractive silver dial sporting guilloche finish, black hour and second hands, and a crocodile leather strap complement its toned-down but still fashionably preppy appearance. It’s a watch that might be ideal for a young guy fresh out of school.

Don’t Take Any Unnecessary Risks

A few more things to keep in mind when you’re on the hunt for his graduation gift. You don’t have to buy the most expensive watch to get a lot of performance, functionality, or a slick design that he’ll really love. This will in all likelihood be his first luxury timekeeper and a price tag doesn’t necessarily always reflect overall quality. Take as much time as you need to consider your purchase and start searching well in advance for the right one. Don’t be apprehensive about asking questions of any kind or inquiring for additional information. The watch industry boasts a lot of very branch specific lingo and it might not always be immediately clear what something actually means. Tastes always vary, but if you keep our pointers in mind, your graduation watch present will likely end up a go-to item that your son will genuinely enjoy strapping on for many years to come.