Unconventional Yet Logical: the UNO 24 Edition-15 from BOTTA

By Montredo in Lifestyle
May 3, 2024
Unconventional Yet Logical: the UNO 24 Edition-15 from BOTTA

The most natural way to tell the time and still be unconventional – how is that possible?

BOTTA has been working on the answer for over 25 years and proves that a watch doesn’t have to display just 12 hours – it can dare to be different! Astrophysics and a long development phase characterise the German watchmaker’s one-hand watches. BOTTA Design was founded in 1986 by product designer Klaus Botta and has been developing watches with ground-breaking designs and unusual concepts ever since. Designed and manufactured in Germany from the highest quality materials and powered by 100% Swiss Made automatic or quartz movements, BOTTA watches offer an alternative yet intuitive way of telling the passage of time. The hand of the UNO 24 models moves “sun-synchronously” and circles the 24-hour dial following the apparent course of the sun. The celebrated UNO 24 has been on the market for 15 years and is now accompanied by an exquisite special anniversary model, limited to 100 pieces.

The Road to Success

Before we take a closer look at the special edition model, it is worth taking a look back at its origins, the first model, the UNO 24 was presented as the first series model in 2008 after numerous development stages, functional samples and prototypes. The watch quickly won over its fans with its logic and striking look. It became a great success and now represents the BOTTA brand in exemplary fashion. Like all of Klaus BOTTA’s watches, the UNO 24 has gone through several stages of evolution. Over time, the geometry of the dial has been simplified, the hands have been given a much higher quality finish and the scaling has been improved. However, the watch has remained true to its unique basic principle throughout all stages of development.

A Real Eye-Catcher

Our focus today is on the new UNO 24 Edition-15 special model; a real eye-catcher at first glance with its contrasting colour scheme in mango orange and warm grey, which separates the day and night halves even more clearly than the series model. This deliberate contrast, which in turn is conveyed by the hour numerals in the colour of the other hemisphere, characterises this limited edition special model. Embedded in a tri-titanium case with a low system weight, the timepiece is both striking and suitable for everyday use. The inspiring architecture as well as the double-domed sapphire crystal with anti-reflective coating on both sides at the top and the second sapphire crystal at the bottom are further noteworthy features of the UNO 24 that are continued in the special edition model. The type 2893-2 Elaboré calibre from the Swiss quality manufacturer ETA is characterised by its low height, reliability and durability. At BOTTA, it is finished with a design rotor including a limited-edition engraving and hand-adjusted by master watchmakers for maximum accuracy.

The mango-orange colour is repeated on the dark galvanised rotor in the form of the striking edition lettering with the integrated number “15”, which symbolises the model’s anniversary. Also typical of BOTTA is the exact reproduction of the UNO 24 display scale with perfect legibility and a dignified appearance. In direct comparison to the UNO 24, the UNO 24 Edition has also received a quality upgrade in addition to the colour accents: A classy saddle or organic leather strap is fitted as standard.

Sophisticated aesthetics, logic and design make the UNO 24 a confident companion in all situations, and the UNO 24 Edition is an eye-catcher that is sure to be a talking point amongst watch-lovers.

The automatic version of the UNO 24 Edition comes equipped with a calibre 2893-2 and is available in case diameters of 40 mm and 45 mm. It is limited to a total of 100 pieces and is available in the basic version for €2,150. The quartz version with Swiss Ronda movement is available in 40 mm and 45 mm. These are also limited to 100 pieces each and the base price is €670.

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