Behind the Brand: Talking to the CEO of Allemano Watches

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March 16, 2021
Behind the Brand: Talking to the CEO of Allemano Watches

It was in last year’s July when we first took notice of the Turin-based watch brand Allemano. We couldn’t quite put a finger on it, but something about the brand’s designs seemed so fundamentally different to what we were used to that we had to take a closer look again. Is it the lugless case design? Or simply the fact that the cases are cylindrical?

As it turned out later, the brand’s timepieces are modelled after a legendary Italian automobile icon, which has had its heyday over a century ago already. Yet, the design of Allemano struck us as contemporary. How is that possible?

Questions over questions. Questions that only one person out there was able to answer us: Allemano CEO Gianluca Traversa. He thus took us on a brief journey through the Allemano world and gave us a glimpse behind the scenes of this newcomer Italian watch brand.

Allemano has truly come a long way. When and how did it all start?

Allemano definitely has a long history. Initially a factory, it is founded in 1856 in Turin (Italy) and starts working in the field of heavy carpentry producing steam rollers. With the arrival of the 20th century the production line is transformed, taking a new direction towards measuring instruments for the control of pressure and temperature and soon after, in 1919, Allemano pressure gauges are mounted on the first serially produced FIAT 501s.

Allemano Watches

Allemano’s story is then signed by several landmark moments, such as the transition to Company in 1929 with the creation of the logo still in use today; the great expansion in the ’40s and ’50s when Allemano instruments could be found on pretty much everything that moved – cars, trains, ships, aircrafts; the transition to servicing the industry sector in the ’60s; the new production line of diving instruments, such as depth gauges, in the ’70s-’80s, all the way to the most recent Misuratori del tempo, our wrist watches, that are tasked with telling the story of our mechanical tradition to the wider public.

Which collections does Allemano currently offer?

Of today the 1919 Collection of the Misuratori del Tempo is comprised of 3 models: DAY, GMT and MAN, all of which are inspired by our gauge history, in particular by our pressure gauge mounted on the FIAT 501 in 1919 – that automobile enthusiasts will surely remember. Important announcements are soon to come tough. We will connect the public with another, very important, piece of our history – the years are the ’70s and it will be a reminder of the sector in which we made the difference in the period. The more observant readers will have already grasped what I’m referring to, I don’t want to say anything more. It’s a beautiful new project and we can’t wait to share it.

Allemano Watches Turin

How did the brand’s strong automobile DNA translate into today’s designs?

The transition wasn’t difficult. We were lucky to still be in possession of some of the original projects of our pressure gauges from the ’20s-’40s period, which were characterised, already at the time, by not just the technical-functional aspect but also by a strong aesthetics sense. We simply picked up again our historical design and transformed it with more modern and captivating lines, maintaining our uniqueness and authenticity. We created a luxurious object that floats between tradition, modernity and next vintage.

What are the factors you are most proud of in your watches?

What I’m most proud about is something that doesn’t regard the watches per se. It regards in particular the dynamism with which the entire Allemano staff has operated to launch a new product, practically from nothing. The world of luxury watches, as everyone knows, is a world of its own, with its own rules and dynamics.

Allemano Watches

I’ll just say this: from the moment we developed the idea of creating the Misuratori del Tempo to the moment we presented at Baselworld our 1919 Collection – exactly 12 months had passed. I’m very proud of how much we’ve achieved in so little time.

Allemano watches all have something very rare in common, namely a proprietary test certificate. What’s the idea behind?

It’s an important element that we care so much about, it’s an integral part of the Misuratore del Tempo itself. In truth for us it’s nothing new. We treat the Misuratori del Tempo the same way we treat our other measuring instruments:

Allemano Watches
Each Allemano watch comes with a test certificate.

Each one goes through our laboratory for testing, verifying and certifying prior to delivery to our Clients. For this reason it is so important for us: it’s part of our identity and it’s a “service” that we are proud to offer to our Customers.

How would you describe Allemano in three words?

Tradition, Innovation, commitment.

Are there already plans in the pipeline for the future of Allemano?

This is a testing period for everyone, but in Allemano we have continued working every day with commitment and dedication so to keep our growth on course. We have several exciting projects in discussion, new collaborations and partnerships with the worlds of sport, automotive and motorsport, and last but not least the presentation of a new Collection.

Stay tuned!

Thanks Gianluca!

The Allemano Man is part of the 1919 collection.

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  1. Very cool, discovered the brand thanks to you guys. Keeping my fingers crossed they’re having a chronograph in the pipeline. 🤞

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