Band it like Beckham: Britain’s most fabulous clan and their watches

By Montredo in Lifestyle
March 10, 2020
Band it like Beckham: Britain’s most fabulous clan and their watches

The Beckham clan, consisting of David and his wife Victoria and the children Brooklyn, Romeo, Cruz and Harper, is rightly considered to be one of the most stylish families in the world. David Beckham certainly cut a fine figure during his active football career, and continues to score attention even off the pitch with his perfectly coordinated outfits and fashionable hairstyles. Victoria “Posh” Beckham has founded her own designer label, while the fashion-savvy offspring have already gotten into modeling – for Burberry, among others. Nor does the family’s close friendship with Vogue legend Anna Wintour hurt matters much.

But what about the Beckham wrists? We take the pulse of this most fabulous of English families, from the oldest to the youngest.

Tudor brand ambassador David Beckham

If you are looking for pictures of Becks and his watches, you will find yourself inundated in a torrent of Tudors. And this for the very simple reason that David is not only an absolute fashion icon – and therefore the man to turn to when wondering “Damn, what should I wear today?” – but also an official Tudor brand ambassador since 2017. This role naturally obliges him to be photographed in public with said watches.

Daddy Cool with the little rascals and a Black Bay P01.

Nevertheless, there are some pictures that show his wrist dressed differently, with a Rolex, for example, or the heavenly Patek Philippe Celestial Grand Complication (Ref. 6102P-001).

Fashion designer Victoria Beckham

Victoria follows her husband’s example in trusting two of the world’s most respected watch brands: Patek Philippe and Rolex. A selfie on the Instagram channel of sonny Cruz (more on this later) shows her with the beautiful blue Nautilus reference 7118 / 1A-001 on her wrist which, with its smaller 38 mm diameter, Patek Philippe has designed specifically for women.

A yellow gold Daytona was called upon in order to represent the colors of the LA Lakers.

Peaky Blinder Brooklyn Beckham

At least visually, the oldest Beckham son definitely follows in his father’s footsteps. With his flat caps, suit vests and tweed jackets, not to mention the many tattoos, he actually strikes a nice balance between Tommy Shelby and David Beckham. But rather more in the style of Paul Newman and his legendary Daytona, Brooklyn Beckham likes to wear his Rolex Submariner on a wristband, lending the full-fledged diving watch a proper touch of aviation.

In the pictures for the celebrations of his 21st birthday, where UK rapper Stormzy provided the right musical backdrop, he was spotted with a Patek Philippe on his wrist – like father like son. More specifically, the Nautilus evergreen 5711 in red gold. But then he has always had good taste – again, just like his dad.

Tennis Ace Romeo Beckham

Romeo Beckham, who swore away from football and feels more at home on the tennis courts of the world, is not wholly averse to beautiful and expensive watches. In fact, he attracted special attention with a Richard Mille RM-005. Is the own son already wearing more expensive watches than his father?

Which watch did your wear when you were 17?

Well, yes and no. With a price of $57,000, the RM-005 is definitely more expensive than the Tudor watches, but not quite at the level of his dad’s platinum Patek. It is also the absolute entry-level Richard Mille (attention: oxymoron) and the cheapest entry ticket into the elite circle of RM owners.

Popstar Offspring Cruz Beckham

Cruz Beckham also enjoys music very much but, in contrast to his brothers, seems to have a somewhat cooler relationship with watches. At least there are almost no pictures showing him actually wearing one, and in the few shots that do he seems to be sporting a Casio from the Vintage Iconic collection. The reference shown is A700WE-1AEF and has an MSRP of 39.90 €. Thumbs up for Cruz’s moderate watch choice!

Guests of honor at mom’s fashion show in autumn 2019.

Everybody’s Darling Harper Beckham

At her tender age, Harper obviously doesn’t have much use for a watch, but she certainly can work an entry wristband – once again, as has so often been the case, stealing the spotlight from even her own fabulous family!

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