Swiss Watchmaking Excellence: Parmigiani Fleurier (Video)

By Montredo in Videos
May 9, 2019
Swiss Watchmaking Excellence: Parmigiani Fleurier (Video)

In this episode of Meet the Manufacturer, we’re going to present Parmigiani, one of the most exclusive and world-renowned manufacturers in the present day.

Hailing from Fleurier in Switzerland, Parmigiani offers a broad spectrum of watch complications and stands for high scale craftsmanship as well as a genuine love for attention to detail. While most other manufacturers simply incorporate mechanical parts into their timepieces, Parmigiani intentionally goes out of its way to decorate even the smallest of its components e.g. bridges and bars. It comes as no surprise that the finish as well as the fabrication of Parmigiani’s unique dials play an important role in this episode. Irene Ramme-Dörrenberg, Managing Director of Germany, Austria, and Scandinavia as well as Flavie Gigandet, Formation Int. Visite ISP are going to walk us through this premium watch manufacturer from Fleurier, Switzerland.

Parmigiani was originally founded by Michel Parmigiani in Fleurier in 1994. At the time, this municipality was considered a hotbed of the Swiss watchmaking industry, before it eventually quieted down for a time. Today, Parmigiani is back on the horological map in a big way and it has become both the place of origin and eponym for one of the most famous watch manufacturers in this industry. Hardly any other watch producer has ever achieved, in such a short duration of time, the kind of deep development production and know-how as Parmigiani. Today, it doesn’t just create movements, but also multiple components necessary in the construction of a timekeeper. It’s something that can’t be said about many other manufacturers. This level of production skill enables a breathtaking amount of diversity, from versions with retrograde displays, micro rotors, tourbillons, and even the exceptionally rare use of the case material palladium 950.

The Tonda 1950 series builds the cornerstone of Parmigiani’s recent collection of watches. The trademark of this series is the slightly curved and concave lugs, which take a backseat and really let the dial shine. At the same time, these lugs are very ergonomic and conform perfectly to the wrist while providing an equal amount of comfort. The centerpiece of the timepiece is its decentralised micro rotor, that’s viewable via the sapphire display back. The watch’s movement with a stripe cut finish really shows it off as a very high end, luxury timekeeper. The Parmigiani Tonda 1950 is available in a wide variety of dial and case versions. The horological summit of the watchmaking workmanship involved in the Tonda collection is embodied in a one-minute tourbillon version.

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